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4 min readFeb 18, 2022

Exploring the Benefits of Developing on Telos

Marketing versus development: an age old debate hashed out in many a crypto community. But what if there was a way to combine the two?

Paul Walton thinks there’s a way.

In this article, we will explore the future of Telos’ marketing strategy and how it will continue to grow the Telos ecosystem. Paul Walton, newly appointed Chief Marketing Officer at the Telos Foundation, highlights the benefits of choosing Telos and shares his marketing strategies that will accelerate the growth of the Telos community as a whole!

Overall, this article will share the importance of recruiting enthusiastic developers to Telos, the benefits of using consistent solid marketing, and explore how that marketing will pay off by recruiting more individuals to join the Telos community.

Let’s dive into a recap!

Who is Paul Walton?

Paul Walton worked in investment banking before joining the team at the Telos Foundation. He discovered Telos and immediately fell in love with the ecosystem, and describes it as an “undiscovered gem.”

Walton applauds Telos for its engaging community, efficiency in both speed and price, as well as its commitment to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives. These qualities make him excited for the future of Telos. His goal as CMO is to bring Telos to the next level, by growing the community, recruiting developers, and creating consistent marketing that delivers.

The Secret to Developing any Crypto Protocol is Developers, says Walton.

It’s no surprise that developers are vital to the success of any blockchain. “The most important point to me in marketing Telos is, how do we get developers to know us, like us, and get on board,” says Walton. Developers are essential in blockchain communities. Their work allows new applications to stem from their developments. Then, these new developments in applications can grow to wider consumer use.

One of the most common and important ways Walton discusses attracting developers is through hosting events with incentives like hackathons and grant programs.

Hackathons encourage growth and recruit developers by offering them incentives such as mentorship, resources, and funding. Currently, the Telos Foundation is running their EVM hackathon, where they are offering developers TLOS and mentorship to build applications for the platform. The EVM hackathon, Telos Ignite, is currently accepting applications here. Make sure to read up on Telos Ignite here, and then find out why Telos Ignite will be the best EVM hackathon.

Solid Marketing Pays Off.

Walton expresses that Telos is focusing its marketing efforts on development. “Crypto is built on strong development, it’s not built on people cheering.” He shares that Telos needs to be consistent in its outreach efforts by continually offering opportunities for individuals to get involved.

When asked about where the future funds of Telos and where they would be allocated, Walton replies, “If we raise more money in future, I would love that money to go on hackathons, on conferences, and on grant awards.” This reiterates his desire for TLOS to be invested back into the growth of the community.

Consistent Marketing leads to Mass Adoption.

Walton’s marketing plan ultimately aims to give Telos a high public profile, keep exposure growing, and continue to expand the community. Telos is, as Walton puts it, “better, faster, cheaper, democratic, scalable, well-governed, and environmentally friendly.” These features incentivize individuals to choose Telos rather than competitor chains.

What Walton’s Looking for…

Looking into the future, Walton is encouraging developers to create an app-based wallet for Telos. A wallet app built for Telos would allow individuals to seamlessly move around their crypto hassle-free!

“I really feel like the friendly open door to any crypto is a really gorgeous wallet experience,” says Walton. He believes that as crypto moves towards the broader consumer audience and goes mainstream, there will be a massive desire for a simplified point-and-click transaction.

One way for developers to currently get involved is through Telos Ignite Grant Program. This program offers inspired creators access to tools and resources to reach their vision. Successful applicants will receive TLOS, access to resources, end to end support, as well as recognition in the community as a grant winner. To start your application process check out the form here. And you can read more about tips to jumpstart your Telos Ignite application here!

So to any active developers out there capable of building a wallet for Telos, there’s never been a better time!

Getting Face to Face with the Telos Community.

Another important aspect of attracting developers according to Walton is meeting them! After years of working remotely due to the pandemic, Walton is looking forward to making diverse and meaningful connections.

Getting to know one another, encourages ideas to be shared and projects started. He encourages the community to reach out to him anytime through email. He also suggests community members explore the newly launched Discord channel.


We’ve hit the end of the recap on our marketing discussion with CMO Paul Walton. In summary, his key takeaways are:

  • Telos Offers Users a Unique and Beneficial Experience, Highly Desirable for Future Development.
  • Developers are Key to Growing the Blockchain.
  • Hackathon, Grants, and Incentives are the best way to recruit Devs!
  • Community is a core component of Telos!

Walton’s future marketing initiatives are strategically crafted to grow the Telos community. His dedication to consistent marketing and push for TLOS to be invested back into the community brings an exciting future for Telos!

Want to hear the full address from Paul Walton, CMO of the Telos Foundation? Watch our Telos Tuesday here on YouTube to hear even more marketing insights.



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