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Telos is happy to announce a partnership with Hive! You’ll have encountered Hive before if you’ve ever read a post or two on their popular social media dApp Hive Blog. Or maybe you’ve heard about Splinterlands?! An online card game that runs entirely on the Hive blockchain.

Telos and Hive are both fast, scalable, and near-feeless blockchains with strong governance principles. Telos is weeks away from releasing their EVM, which will empower new developers, the existing Ethereum ecosystem, and enterprise clients. Hive has made massive strides in getting listed on major exchanges, improving its code, and continuing to provide an…

Telos x Knit Finance Partnership

TLOS, the native token of the Telos blockchain, will be wrapped as K-TLOS as part of our new partnership with Knit Finance! We’ve got the details on what this new wrapped asset means for the Telos community below.

We’re excited to announce that Telos is partnering with Knit Finance to create K-TLOS, a wrapped asset that will allow TLOS to sail between various popular blockchains.

Set your sails, because now you will be able to move wrapped TLOS across many different chains like Ethereum, Polygon, MoonBean, BSC, and more! …

Here are just a few of the many developments going on behind the scenes in the Telos Foundation!

New & Improved Telos Foundation Structure

Thanks to an increase in funds, we’ve been working tirelessly to revamp the operations in the Telos Foundation from the ground up! This includes the addition of new team members, improved efficiency, added resources and finally filling some vital gaps in the way we function.

It takes time to grow, so we appreciate the community’s patience and support as we go through such a vital transition. With that said, we’re extremely excited to share some of this with you!

We have established…

($TLOS) is one of the World’s Most Active blockchains, amassing a huge list of active projects in a wide range of industry verticals , since launching in 2018.

After a successful launch on the Ethereum based exchange Uniswap , earlier this year, Telos is expanding its reach even further! It’s now going cross-chain to BSC, starting with a listing on the #1 AMM and yield farm on Binance Smart Chain, PancakeSwap !

As of Wednesday April 21 st , the bridge from Telos to BSC was opened! …

Election season is just around the corner for the Telos Foundation and this promises to be one of the most important elections so far! In the first installment of this series, we’re going to be reviewing the history of the Telos Foundation, then dive into some recent, exciting changes to the foundation ‘ s structure!

A Trip Back in Time

Although the genesis of Telos has a rich history, with its developers and architects having deep roots in the industry, the network itself and the foundation representing it are still quite young.

The Telos Blockchain network was launched on December 12th 2018 and activated on…

Unbiased uses Telos to record events on the blockchain, protecting data transparency, trustworthiness, and ethics in the multi-billion dollar AI industry

GOTHENBURG — OCTOBER 22, 2020 at 7 am EST — Unbiased (, an award-winning startup building solutions to fight ethical challenges in AI and big data, today announced the launch of its Data Marketplace on Telos, one of the most active blockchain platforms in the world. Unbiased works to solve current challenges faced by AI and Machine Learning, including transparency, bias, and quality of training data.

The Unbiased Data Marketplace provides privacy-centric and decentralized development tools to companies working…

Welcome Appics!

Firstly, a big welcome to the APPICS social community, we look forward to our two communities coming together as one to improve social media.

What is Appics?

Caroline from Coinfomania explains it well

It’s a social platform that supports posting and voting on decentralized content such as music, fashion, and food. It is very similar to Instagram but allows users to earn cryptocurrency for posting and voting.

Caroline John — Coinfomania

Check out the Coinfomania article APPICS Exits Steem Network; Joins Telos Blockchain to Improve Performance

Why APPICS chose Telos?

New Social Media Reward System
The existing reward system APPICS was using in Steem wasn’t fit…


Overall July was another successful month for Telos with continued additions of new projects and over 30k new user accounts, again surpassing most larger cap projects for traction.

The Telos Foundation is searching for a part time community manager who is enthusiastic cryptocurrencies and the blockchain space. This role will primarily be responsible for managing and helping grow the Telos Telegram, Reddit and Twitter communities. This role is primarily expected to be available to help guide discussions and answer questions in the Telegram community between 7AM EST and 10 PM EST.

Role — Become resident expert in the non technical aspects of Telos. — Answer questions from new users and help guide them in their questions on how to use wallets, exchanges etc. — Moderate the Telegram and…

New Telos-powered effort is producing an app to improve test access, research, and health outcomes using blockchain

Today we’re happy to announce the Epios Project, a new effort to enable anonymous testing for COVID-19 and other epidemics, with the goal of improving research and health outcomes around the world.

Epios’ flagship product is a mobile app that connects individuals seeking anonymous testing with providers who can supply and process test kits in compliance with local laws and regulations. By routing test kit processing through Epios and recording anonymous results on the Telos blockchain, potential linkage between individuals’ identities and their test results are structurally eliminated. …

Telos Foundation

Telos Foundation is an entity charged with promoting Telos, a networked ecosystem for turning purpose into reality.

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