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3 min readNov 13, 2023

Teloscan API: The Easy Way to Interact with On-Chain Data

In an era where digital information is paramount, having direct access to on-chain data swiftly and efficiently is crucial. Enter the Teloscan API, a useful tool introduced by the Telos Core Developers, designed to enhance the way both developers and users interact with on-chain information.

Key Features of the Teloscan API:

  • Swagger Integration: Swagger’s integration facilitates seamless API documentation within a unified interface. Developers can effortlessly navigate and comprehend the array of API routes available.
  • Rapid Data Retrieval: Whether it’s data linked to specific ETH or EVM addresses, NFT interactions, or transaction histories, the Teloscan API offers lightning-fast access. Its capability surpasses traditional RPC methods, delivering richer and more comprehensive data.
  • NFT Insights: Delving deep into the world of non-fungible tokens, the Teloscan API gives a panoramic view of both ERC-721 and ERC-1155 NFT interactions tied to specific addresses.
  • Health Monitoring: Ensuring peak performance, the Teloscan API’s health can be continuously monitored. Alerts are promptly initiated when excessive lag is detected, ensuring optimal data accuracy and retrieval speed.
  • Cost-Effective Usage: Taking pride in its commitment to the community, the Teloscan API remains free. However, to maintain efficiency and performance, charges may be introduced during high traffic times.
  • Simplified Coding: For the developer community, the automatic CURL request creation becomes an invaluable feature, streamlining coding tasks.
  • Flexible Data Access: Whether through GET, viewed directly in a browser, or POST, where data is sent to the server, accessibility is never compromised. The inclusion of a Linux Terminal Utility further enriches data interaction and presentation using JQ.
  • Utility Functions and Projections: From facilitating NFT aggregators to handling massive database volumes (up to 30–40 gigabytes), the Teloscan API is prepared. It’s geared up for the surge in demand, especially with forthcoming zero-knowledge features and the resurgence of DeFi on Telos Network.

Why Teloscan API Stands Out:

Having been operational for over a year, the Teloscan API not only matches industry counterparts but potentially overshadows them with its more robust feature set.

Relevance Breakdown:

  • For Developers: The Teloscan API is a valuable tool that developers can use to gather useful information on the blockchain.
  • For Users: Beyond just using services, users gain a vantage point into their on-chain activities. From understanding transaction histories to gauging NFT interactions, it’s not just about data; it’s about insights.

In conclusion, the Teloscan API embodies the confluence of speed, efficiency, and comprehensiveness. As Telos Network continues to innovate, the Teloscan API stands as a testament to our commitment to both developers and general users, ensuring they remain at the forefront of blockchain evolution.

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