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On Mon Apr 15 2019 11:16:51 GMT-0700, the second onchain election for the Telos Foundation Board of Directors concluded. Telos Foundation Voting Token holders elected four new members to join The Telos Foundation, and contribute to its ongoing mission to advance the Telos Blockchain Network.

The Board of Directors would officially like to congratulate the following people and welcome them to the board:

Suvi Rinikin
Suvi is an experienced business development consultant with strong business acumen. Since 2017 she has been working full time in the technology space, with blockchain based projects being of particular interest. Suvi previously worked in the fintech industry specializing in payment and remittance technology. Utilizing her vast network, she regularly assists early stage companies in fundraising and establishing investor relations.

Suvi has a strong communications and marketing background, and holds a masters degree (eximia cum laude approbatur) in linguistics focusing on rhetorics, discourse and metaphors from the University of Helsinki. She has worked as a Finnish language, communications and literature teacher and lecturer on all levels, from children to adults. She is trained to evaluate, create programs, work on set goals and educate people. In her last teaching role for a private social and healthcare company that operates throughout Finland, she planned and produced the entire teaching program, materials, and training for assistant teachers.

Suvi is also an entrepreneur and a co-founder of cryptosuvi, the first Telos Block Producer based in Finland.

As a former Telos Foundation Advisory Board member, Suvi will continue to bring her extensive business development expertise to the Foundation, with a focus on expanding relationships with exchanges and businesses.

Daniel Uzcategui

Daniel is an experienced Database Administrator (DBA) with 7 years of experience designing, coding, testing and supporting next-generation FINANCE application/database solutions in Fusion Middleware Oracle and SQL Server environments. He’s responsible for ensuring that operations are consistent for his clients through daily database maintenance, improvement and optimization . Crypto enthusiast and miner since 2010, later involved in the Telos launch group. Backed up the team by testing the Telos smart contracts implementations, creator of multiple launch scripts for horizontal azure Telos environments, joined the ABP Telos team to help launch the Telos Network by editing and creating multiple validation scripts.

A crypto enthusiast since 2010, Daniel was involved in the Telos launch group since July 2018, and is the Main system administrator for Telos-Venezuela and current technical Advisor for TelosDAC.

Adam Zientarski
Adam is currently the COO of EOS Detroit, where he is responsible for running the day-to-day operations, financial projections, developing partnerships in the Detroit and cryptocurrency communities, and representing EOS Detroit in the EOS, Telos, and Worbli communities as its governance expert. Prior to helping found EOS Detroit, Adam was the Director of Business Development at Benzinga, a Detroit based financial tech and media firm. During his time there, he worked in many facets of the business including leading the business development team, organizing events (most notably the Benzinga Fintech Awards), web development, and salesforce architecture and administration.

Adam was an active member of the Telos Launch Group and has already contributed to improving the transparency of the Telos Foundation by authoring and successfully passing TIP-12, a proposal to have Telos Foundation pay proposed and voted on separately from Telos Foundation budgets by Telos Foundation Voting Token holders.

Over his career, Adam has worked with some of the largest brands in finance to craft imaginative content and data solutions, with a particular specialty in alternative data. After leaving Benzinga, Adam became interested in the blossoming crypto and blockchain space, and has helped grow Detroit Blockchainers, Metro-Detroit’s largest blockchain meetup group through hosting live streamed educational events. Adam has also assisted companies such as BitBox with their marketing and sales process.

Adam graduated from the University of Michigan, with a Bachelors of Business Administration and a focus in entrepreneurial studies.

Rory Mapstone
Rory earned a Masters degree in mechanical engineering in 1989, from the University of Natal, South Africa. He worked in the aeronautical industry until 1993 when he founded his own company specialising in research, test and measurement in the aeronautical industry. He later expanded to include test and measurement in the telecommunications industry. In 1999 he founded LGR Telecommunications together with Lucky Fatsilidis. This company created and sold CDRlive, a software system allowing the storage and analysis of call data records, to mobile operators across Africa, Australia and the USA. The largest installations of this solution allowed the simultaneous load and query of more that 5 billion records per day.

With a longstanding keen interest in blockchain, Rory discovered EOSIO in 2017, exploring the feasibility of moving internal projects to EOSIO. In 2018 Rory and Lucky exited the telecommunications industry and founded EOSza. Rory has been heavily involved in the Block.One Hackathons, and also found the EOSza Centurion Meetup community in South Africa.

Rory is passionate about the potential of Telos as a governed eosio community blockchain is actively promoting the adoption of Telos as the eosio chain of choice in Southern Africa, with current efforts focused on building awareness and access to tokens.

If you are interested in learning more about the Telos Foundation, please each out to us at hello@telosfoundation.io.

The Telos Foundation is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization established as a promotional and funding body to advance the Telos Blockchain Network and provide support to network functions that are not funded in other ways.

More about the Telos Foundation can be found at https://telosfoundation.io/

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