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4 min readOct 25, 2023

We’re extremely excited to announce that Telos DeFi is officially back with the most trusted cross-chain messaging solution in the industry — LayerZero. With the new Telos Bridge, and 17+ dApp partners being onboarded, we’re entering a new era of user experience for the Telos Ecosystem, enhanced by the support and security of LayerZero Labs.

What types of dApps can you expect?

  • DEXs: Concentrated Liquidity DEXs, Solidly Forks, Balancer Forks, DEX Aggregators
  • Money Markets
  • Launchpads
  • Yield Aggregators
  • Derivatives & Synthetics

Phase one of our DeFi relaunch features Swapsicle V2 with Algebra delivering concentrated liquidity, and Jump DeFi hosting their IDO. Our goal has been to build a composable DeFi ecosystem, to enable users to utilize different platforms and build strategies and we’re doing just that. Each dApp has its own unique highlights, incentives, and rewards. As the rewards become available to the Telos Community, we’ll be sure to let you know; keep an eye out for more information on their respective offerings!

Glancing Back while Charging Forward

Over the past few months, our DeFi ecosystem has shown signs of robust growth, which is a testament to the hard work of our colleagues at Telos Foundation, our ecosystem participants, and our community members. Moreover, our aim as Telos Foundation is to ensure that our community and ecosystem get regular updates on the state of our DeFi ecosystem. With LayerZero and our new dApp partners, we’re primed for exponential growth of users, partners and developers. We’d like to extend a huge thank you to our incredible community for your support and patience as we perfected this solution. We wanted to deliver the best for you, and now we are!

So what does the LZ Bridge mean for Telos?

  • Security: LayerZero prioritizes security through its utilization of a decentralized Oracle system, which diligently monitors the state of all integrated blockchains. This decentralization of oracles minimizes susceptibility to third-party breaches. Furthermore, the Relayer system promotes transparency, as Relayers are both incentivized and rewarded for successfully executed transactions.
  • Scalability: LayerZero offers inherent scalability, leveraging the existing infrastructure of interconnected chains rather than necessitating supplementary frameworks. This means LayerZero can scale at the pace of Telos Network.
  • Ease of Use: LayerZero is designed for seamless integration, allowing projects to effortlessly incorporate its capabilities, and enabling users to adeptly transfer assets across diverse chains.

Telos Bridge Official Link: https://bridge.telos.net/
Layer Zero Block Explorer: https://layerzeroscan.com/
Documentation: https://layerzero.gitbook.io/docs/

Milestones to Look Forward To

As we stride towards the future, our refreshed roadmap focuses on Telos’ rebirth, spotlighting it as a Layer 0 combined with zK tech — a potent narrative for 2024. Our website’s complete overhaul, along with an all new Telos brand upgrade, signifies our forward-looking stance, positioning Telos among the elite tech stacks in crypto.

If you’re looking for the future of blockchain, now is the time to join the vibrant Telos Community, indulge in our vast DeFi ecosystem, and reap the rewards of the novel interesting solutions available on Telos EVM.

To our ever loyal Telos Community, you’ve played a huge role in getting us this far! Now we welcome you to join us as we unveil the suite of new dApps launching on Telos over the next few months! To all you developers and builders, if you are building exciting products, please reach out to us, since Telos is committed to supporting a wide variety of DeFi projects and solid teams. We are truly excited about our growing DeFi ecosystem and looking forward to seeing innovative dApps build their legacies on the Telos chain.

Get Started Today and Explore the Composable DeFi Ecosystem Built on Telos

At Telos our main focus is improving the base experience, while removing any potential friction points that a user may face. Therefore to connect with any ecosystem on Telos is as simple as three steps:

  1. Connect Your Wallet
  2. Fund Your Wallet
  3. Bridge your TLOS to TelosEVM

From here you are ready to tap into the diverse world of Telos DeFi.

Explore Telos’ DeFi Ecosystem


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As a decentralized, independent and not-for-profit organization, the Telos Foundation spearheads the advancement and governance of the Telos blockchain. Launched in 2018, Telos has an impeccable five-year record of uninterrupted service. With the introduction of the tEVM in 2021 — the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine — Telos has demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge technology. Now shifting its focus to becoming a Layer 0 network, Telos places paramount importance on scalability, security, and decentralization. The network’s impressive performance allows for 15,200+ transactions per second, all while maintaining near-feeless operations. Today, the Telos ecosystem boasts more than 100 partners, 250 dApps, 1.2 million accounts, and a rapidly growing community. Telos continues to propel the industry’s transition to Web 3.0 and pave the way for global adoption of decentralized solutions.

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