Transformative Alliance Forges the Future: Telos and Elixir Games Unveil Revolutionary Web3 Gaming Ecosystem

Incorporating Telos Titles into the Elixir Game Launcher, The Landmark Partnership Is Set To Magnify the Potential of Gaming on Blockchain

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5 min readSep 22, 2023

A monumental shift in the web3 gaming landscape is underway as The Telos Foundation collaborates with Elixir Games in a groundbreaking long-term alliance. This union catapults Telos into the echelon of blockchain networks fully integrated into the Elixir Game Launcher, starting with the initial launch of Kiraverse. A curated series of additional gaming experiences will follow suit. Exclusive in-game NFT assets, authenticated on the Telos blockchain, will become accessible through Altura, further magnifying the ecosystem’s allure.

Telos, a layer 1 network, boasts a staggering capability to process over 15,200 transactions per second, along with sub-0.5-second block production times. Remarkably, Telos has maintained unparalleled uptime, making it a linchpin for gaming-focused use-cases and a quintessential collaborator for Elixir Games, a pioneer in web3 gaming infrastructure.

Insights Into the Partnership’s Implications

This partnership heralds more than just technological integration; it elevates gaming’s conceptual framework. Elixir Games, recognized for its robust, architecturally sophisticated ecosystem, aligns seamlessly with Telos’ ultra-rapid, scalable, and security-oriented tech stack. Together, they generate a dynamic ‘sandbox’ environment where game developers can marry creativity with technology in ways hitherto unimaginable.

The liaison benefits go beyond developer freedom. The Telos blockchain, being eco-conscious and trustless, extends these virtues into gaming. Players are granted a spectrum of opportunities to leverage their in-game assets across a universal economic stratum — true digital ownership. This means a gamer’s investment transcends the game itself, offering a fluid, economic transition between different digital experiences.

By supporting 30+ different blockchain chains, Elixir Games empowers developers from both web2 and web3 spheres to cultivate a plethora of innovative titles. The organization recently secured significant investment from Square Enix, reaffirming its position as a touchstone in the gaming industry. Thus, the partnership ushers in a multidimensional, inclusive space, agnostic to developers’ native platforms yet rich in feature set and capabilities.

The landmark collaboration introduces a novel 1,000,000 $TLOS Launcher Rewards Program, enabling gamers to unlock value and achieve monetary rewards within the Telos-powered gaming universe. These financial incentives redefine the conventional scope of ‘playing for stakes,’ introducing a transformative layer of complexity and economic relevance to digital gaming pursuits. Complete details will be disclosed post the partnership’s inaugural ceremony, scheduled for this evening at Tokyo Game Show 2023 (

Gaming Titles Coming to Telos EVM via Elixir

  • Kiraverse by Param Labs: an online multiplayer FPS game created in Unreal Engine 5 for gamers across the globe to play, compete, and earn achievements to unlock or rent characters, skins, weapons, and more.
Kiraverse Trailer
  • LandBox by GitGame: In the ever-evolving realm of digital gaming, PWNED Studio, LLC stands out as a frontrunner in Web3 gaming experiences. Founded on a vision of revolutionizing the gaming industry through decentralized technology, PWNED has successfully carved out a niche that is both innovative and captivating for players worldwide.
Screenshot from LandBox
  • Tarzan™ by XLAB: Amidst the thunderous roar of wild beasts and the rustle of dense jungle foliage, a new force has emerged. Tarzan: Lord of the Apes™, the 3D rigged ‘game ready’ character, ready to conquer the world of Web3 gaming.
Tarzan Gameplay

NFT Marketplace for IPs

Altura is a platform for creating, updating, and transferring NFTs in games without the technical complexity or high cost and will be the NFT marketplace for TelosEVM games on Elixir. It stands out with its user-centric approach and seamless interface, mirroring the experience on platforms like OpenSea.

What’s Coming Next

The Elixir Rewards Program will be revealed over the coming weeks with details on how to participate, earn and claim the 1M $TLOS available for participating quests and on-chain actions via the Elixir launcher. Additional games will also be announced in the coming months as they will be added to the program as they get integrated with Telos EVM and Elixir.

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About Elixir Games:

Elixir Games is a US-incorporated tech company with a distributed team across Europe, Asia and the Americas. Since its foundation in 2018, Elixir Games has remained at the forefront of blockchain-related game distribution. Currently its distribution platform, Elixir (, offers nearly 120 partnered PC games and full Web2 and Web3 integrations to make thousands of games readily accessible to users. Elixir Games also holds the IP of two exclusive Web3 PC and mobile games, NO WAY BACK and TINIES, both of which are nearing their beta release. More information on Elixir Games can be found at

About Telos Foundation:

As a decentralized, independent and not-for-profit organization, the Telos Foundation spearheads the advancement and governance of the Telos blockchain. Launched in 2018, Telos has an impeccable five-year record of uninterrupted service. With the introduction of the tEVM in 2021 — the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine — Telos has demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge technology. Now shifting its focus to becoming a Layer 0 network, Telos places paramount importance on scalability, security, and decentralization. The network’s impressive performance allows for 15,200+ transactions per second, all while maintaining near-feeless operations. Today, the Telos ecosystem boasts more than 100 partners, 250 dApps, 1.2 million accounts, and a rapidly growing community. Telos continues to propel the industry’s transition to Web 3.0 and pave the way for global adoption of decentralized solutions.



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