Telos Ushers in the Next Zealy Season with a Revolutionary Twist:

Welcoming Gamers and the Inception of Two Dynamic Boards

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3 min readJun 9, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the commencement of our next Zealy Season, starting on June 12th at 9AM UTC. This season marks the momentous occasion of our shift in focus to gaming/gamers and introduces an innovative step in the evolution of our Zealy.

In line with our mission to create an inclusive and diverse environment, we’re expanding Zealy into two distinct boards:

  1. Telos Gaming League
  2. Telos Titans League

This expansion caters to both our new members and long-term participants, providing an optimal platform for everyone to engage, learn, and thrive.

Telos Gaming League: Engage, Participate, Learn

The Telos Gaming League is designed to usher new gaming community members into the world of Telos and blockchain. This board offers engaging, participatory, and educational quests aimed at demystifying the complexities of blockchain.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Engage with Telos on various social platforms.
  • Participate in Twitter quests, sharing our key messages.
  • Embark on educational quests to deepen your understanding of Telos and blockchain.
  • Join the Zealy Collabo Quests for additional opportunities to win and engage with the Web3 community.

For many, this season presents a first-time opportunity: the chance to WIN and OWN cryptocurrency!

Here’s a breakdown of the reward pool, totalling $2000USD worth of $TLOS:

  • 1st — 5th place: $120 each (Total: $600)
  • 6th — 10th place: $70 each (Total: $350)
  • 11th — 25th place: $50 each (Total: $750)
  • 26th — 40th place: $20 each (Total: $300)

Telos Titans League: Engage, Challenge, Win

As a way of rewarding our most loyal and committed Telos HODLers/community members, we’re launching an additional Zealy board accurately named the Telos Titans League. This board offers more challenging on-chain Telos ecosystem and partner quests, designed to keep you more engaged while providing you with the opportunity to further familiarize yourself with some of the top builders on Telos and the chance to win additional $TLOS rewards.

The reward pool for the Telos Titans League is $1500USD worth of $TLOS, distributed as follows:

  • 1st — 10th place: $150 each (Total: $1500)

The Perfect Blend: Accessibility & Opportunity

By offering two boards, we aim to make blockchain more accessible while providing additional opportunities for growth and success. Whether you’re new to blockchain and starting with the Telos Gaming League, or an experienced user ready for the Telos Titans League, we have a place for you. Remember, both boards are open to all participants so go get started with the Gaming League now and when you’re ready jump into the Telos Titans League.

Did you participate in Telos’ Zealy Season #3? Here’s our Season #3 Winner’s List!



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