Telos Partners with — The World’s First Self-Governing Ride-Sharing Mobile dApp

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3 min readJan 27, 2022

Telos is happy to announce a partnership with is a mobile platform designed to revitalize the transportation industry by merging it with the blockchain. This offers mobility and financial freedom to users seeking transportation via biking or scootering.

Our partnership with BikeChain will let our community members access the latest innovation in transportation tech. BikeChain will run all of its transactions through the Telos Blockchain with lightning-fast speed and low transaction costs, as always. Highlights allows their everyday user to generate passive income on the blockchain by renting out their bikes, and in return, earning $BIKE tokens to spend in the Bik-e-conomy ecosystem. is a win-win for consumers looking for an affordable and sustainable method of transportation. All the while, they are being introduced to the newest tech using blockchain and smart contracts in the real world. You can read more about on their BikeBlog.

What is the Bik-e-conomy?

The Bik-e-conomy is made up of many different dApps on the platform that reward and give perks to avid bikers. There are many aspects to the Bik-e-conomy, including BikeRadio, filled with curated playlists crafted specifically for rides. BikeLive is a live streaming platform, while BikeShop will let you use your $BIKE to repair and buy parts for your own bike.

The Bik-e-conomy aims to put the power in the hands of the users by decentralizing transportation. This makes sustainable transportation more accessible.

Why Telos?

Drew Abraham, the founder of, claims that Telos was the perfect environment for his mobile d’App. “We’re just so honored to be partnering with them and launching on the Telos network. The tech speaks for itself. I’m working with some of the most incredible people in the world. I’m so lucky and blessed to be dealing with cutting-edge leaders on the forefront of Web 3.0.”

How to Support $Bike

Looking to get your hands on $BIKE? Look no further. plans to launch its round one sale of $BIKE tokens on February 11th, 2022. The sale will take place on T-Starter following a successful vote to launch.

Want to cast your vote to list on T-Starter? Head to the voting page here on T-Starter to make your voice heard.

About is an industry-disrupting concept that brings decentralized tokens into the world of bike & scooter rentals. is more than just ride-sharing, it is the future of transportation.

Share your Bike. Earn $BIKE. Vote with $BIKE. Make a difference with $BIKE. Regain control of your transportation lifestyle. Welcome to the world of #TranspoFi.

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