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2 min readAug 10, 2022


Telos Delisting USDT/TLOS from Bitfinex

Greeting Telos Community!

Today we bring news regarding one of our trading pairs on a centralized exchange.

As we continue to seek new ways to improve our liquidity, Telos has made the decision to delist USDT/TLOS from the Bitfinex exchange, but fear not! USD/TLOS will remain available to trade on Bitfinex.

This move is one of several Telos will implement to optimize liquidity and volume across several trading markets.

“The exchanges & liquidity team is proactively working to optimize TLOS liquidity and trading markets, so we believe this action will help us improve our liquidity and volumes on Bitfinex. This is one of the first actions, and we will be taking more actions over the coming weeks.”

- Sukesh Tedla, Telos Liquidity and Exchanges team lead

We will inform our community of any additional changes to trading pairs in the coming weeks via Twitter.

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