Telos Core Developers Snapshot

August 1st-6th

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2 min readAug 10, 2023

Executive Summary

During the week of August 1st to the 6th, the Telos Core Developer Team concentrated on the following significant areas:

  1. Telos Wallet: Launched a new version with enhanced wallet support and SafeWallet integration.
  2. Token List: Modified settings to control Multichain tokens’ pricing.
  3. Open Block Explorer: Corrected a critical REX staking User Interface bug.
  4. EVM 1.5: Progressed in updating and testing precompiles for the EVM.

These strategic advancements demonstrate a commitment to functionality and user experience.

Telos Wallet

  • Released a version with improved wallet support on mobile and desktop.
  • Added support for SafeWallet; ongoing collaboration for WalletConnect support.

Token List

  • Unlinked Multichain tokens’ prices from underlying tokens on CMC and CoinGecko.

Open Block Explorer

  • Fixed max eligible savings value in REX for accurate interaction with REX Staked TLOS.

EVM 1.5

  • Made progress on updating precompiles to the most modern version for the EVM. All precompiles were updated, and testing is underway to ensure the correct handling of the blockchain state when substituting the precompiles.

Current TCD Priorities

  1. EVM 1.5


3. EVM Web Wallet

  • OREID Wallet Integration (Telos Wallet)
  • SafePal Integration
  • NFT viewing functionality
  • 1155 support (Translator, Indexer, and API involved)

4. UI/UX improvements

5. EVM 2.0

6. Governance Change backlog

The focused efforts of the week align with the strategic priorities, laying a robust foundation for ongoing development within the Telos ecosystem.



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