Telos Core Developers Snapshot

May 22–28

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2 min readMay 30


Hello Telos Community!

We’re back this week with another exciting TCD Snapshot! We’re firm believers in celebrating the consistent, small victories that bring us closer to realizing our shared goal of driving blockchain innovation.

This past week, our dedicated TCD team has again exceeded expectations, refining our core product features, and swiftly resolving emerging issues.

Here’s a succinct overview of the accomplishments we’ve achieved:

Telos Wallet Notable Updates Include:

  • Added a link to Telos Ecosystem from the Side Menu
  • Updated text margins and fixed null address error
  • Updated breakpoints and miscellaneous fixes
  • Improved API error handling for the CoinGecko API
  • Added token FIAT prices and updated GetUSDPrice logic
  • Integrated transaction table and removed staking and wrap links
  • Added “Add token to wallet” button on token more menu

Telos Native App: Several improvements in the display of ballots and voting options. Improved mobile support.

Telos Net API: Added MarketData endpoint which will serve the Telos Scan API with FIAT price data for major tokens.

BP Auditor: The BP Auditor has improved API endpoint detection and enhanced handling of full node_type for API endpoints. It has also corrected URL join function usage and error reporting for history errors.

Telos Token List: The Telos Token List has converted addresses to a standardized checksummed format. Added the following tokens:

  • GAMI
  • APE
  • Moonriver

Current TCD Priorities (Unchanged from last week):

  • EVM Wallet MVP Release: Metamask and WalletConnect support, Send, Receive, Token Balances and Transactions.
  • Wallet onboarding experience improvement: Guide users without a wallet to install one, add a link to a medium article explaining what a wallet is.
  • NFT support: Design and implementation for the wallet.
  • EVM Contract: 1.5 Completion and Release, 2.0 Development.
  • Back-end improvements: Enhance pricing APIs, NFT endpoints, and node operator experience.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks’ TCD Snapshot and thank you for your support as we continuously work toward a faster, fairer future.

Interested in learning more about the Telos Core Developers or have questions of your own?

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