Telos Core Developers Snapshot

May 29th-June 5th

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We’re back with another weekly TCD Snapshot! This snapshot provides a summary of the key updates, fixes, and optimizations completed by June 5th, 2023 across various modules of the Telos Network, including the Telos EVM Translator, Telos Wallet, Token List, Telos EVM, EVM Tests, Teloscan Indexer, and Teloscan API Loadtest. Let’s dive in!

Telos EVM Translator

Significant enhancements were made to the system’s codebase, with an emphasis on documentation, code readability, error handling, and database query optimization. This will enhance code maintenance and system performance, further strengthening the infrastructure’s efficiency and robustness.

Telos Wallet

Version 2.0.1 was released, improving the wallet’s usability by enabling view balances, transactions, and the ability to send and receive EVM tokens. Several bugs were fixed to enhance the user experience, including issues related to font display, token balance visibility, and token selection functionality. Additionally, a fix was implemented to address issues with wallet connect transactions when no provider is available. For situations where indexer FIAT price data is stale, alternative data sources will be used.

Token List

The token list was updated and expanded, including the addition of Testnet POPs, which will enable broader testing capabilities and foster innovation on the platform.

Telos EVM

Improvements were made to the handling of receipt values, which will enhance transaction management and tracking, further strengthening the EVM’s overall functionality.

EVM Tests

Updates were made to the README documentation to improve clarity and accessibility, and a comprehensive test for internal value transfer was properly set up. These updates will ensure more accurate and reliable testing processes.

Teloscan Indexer

The price calculation logic was refactored to better reflect liquidity differences between DEXes. Several bugs were fixed, such as TokenWatcher shutdown, and the transfer routes were optimized to provide more comprehensive and accurate transfer data. For instances where token liquidity is too low, the token price will now be deleted.

Teloscan API Loadtest

A new repository was created to implement a load testing suite. This will enable the Teloscan API to withstand higher loads, thus enhancing its robustness and reliability.

The TCD Commitment

The aforementioned improvements and fixes represent our commitment to the continuous development and enhancement of the Telos Network. These developments will contribute to the platform’s stability, scalability, and usability, ultimately providing a more robust and reliable environment for users and developers. We aim to not just meet user needs but exceed them.

Current TCD Priorities are:

  1. EVM 1.5 contract
  2. EVM Webwallet
  3. Onboarding improvements
  5. EVM Webwallet
  6. NFT functionality
  7. Graphic and UI design improvements
  8. EVM 2.0 contract
  9. Governance Change backlog
  10. Back-end improvements: improve pricing APIs, NFT endpoints and node operator experience

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