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The Telos Foundation Welcomes Nicky Chalabi as Head of DeFi

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To demonstrate its commitment to pushing decentralization forward, the Telos Foundation announces the onboarding of Nicky Chalabi to the organization as Global Head of DeFi. With Nicky’s strong history of leading teams across the Web3 space in business development, partnerships and growth, the team could not be more excited to have her in this key developmental role for Telos.

A Builder and Networker

Nicky has already worked for and with a wide range of Web3 projects, previously serving as the Director of Operations at no fee crypto exchange Lykke, heading up sales and marketing at Switzerland-based crypto-custody solution provider Custodigit AG, taking care of Ecosystem Success and Enablement at the NEAR Foundation, and acting as a Partnership Director at Neon Labs to onboard and enable distinct infrastructure providers and dApps into the Neon EVM ecosystem prior to its mainnet launch. In addition to joining Telos as the new overseer of everything DeFi, Nicky is also a Business Advisor at VINCI, a platform designed for creators to ensure that they can engage with their fans, build their own communities, and keep a fair share of their income.

Key achievements include:

  • A dynamic ecosystem growth/BD professional with more than 6 years of experience within the Web3 space.
  • Passionate about DeFi; spearheaded strategic partnerships and collaborations that added value to numerous ecosystems and resulted in a substantial increase in user/community engagement and activity.
  • As Operational Director at Lykke Exchange, kickstarted the process of engaging directly with projects and listing a variety of utility tokens and native cryptocurrencies contributing to the Lykke’s portfolio of services. This initiative has driven a significant increase in trading volume, fortifying the exchange’s position in Switzerland and making it one of the most reputable exchanges in the European market.
  • Executed effective sales strategies in B2B and B2C sectors while driving the sales processes from RFI (request for information) up to contract signature, while building strong relations with key institutional clients and projects within Web3 space.
  • Developed and maintained strategic relationships with key stakeholders, promoted ecosystem growth, established ecosystem support for the existing partner project and facilitated adoption of distinct chains/protocols while onboarding diverse sets of novel projects and ensuring their successful launch in various ecosystems (DeFi, NFTs, GameFi, etc.).

“I am absolutely grateful and thrilled to embark on this new journey with Telos Foundation and looking forward to working with everybody,” says Nicky. “The opportunities and challenges ahead are extremely exciting, and I look forward to contributing, growing and fortifying the DeFi Ecosystem of Telos.”

Under Nicky’s leadership, Telos’ strong DeFi ecosystem will continue to grow and expand across the globe while pushing decentralization further into the mainstream.

Please join us in welcoming Nicky Chalabi to Telos!

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