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As the blockchain industry continues to grow, Telos stands out as a rising star, poised for greatness in 2023. With the implementation of the innovative Silkworm-based Telos EVM 2.0 and the coalition’s advancements, Telos is set to revolutionize the space with its cutting-edge technology and multi-chain capabilities.

Our roadmap for 2023 includes significant upgrades to our network aimed at fortifying our real-world ready Web3 ecosystem. Our focus for 2023 is improving Telos performance, scalability, and expanding into a multi-chain/multi-platform future. Through upgrades to our infrastructure, expanding our ecosystem, and collaborating with other platforms for interoperability, we are dedicated to continuing Telos’ growth and innovation. The Telos blockchain has already established itself as the most versatile and developer-friendly network in the space, and these upgrades will help to further solidify this position.

Telos in 2023: A quick Overview

In early 2023, our major focus has been on improving blockchain capabilities and moving towards multi-chain via the Antelope Coalition’s Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC). The integration of IBC will provide horizontal scalability and secure transfer of assets across all Antelope chains. The possibilities this opens up are endless and includes many use cases across a broad range of sectors including:

  • Multiple Sidechain Potential
  • Unlimited TPS and Unlimited Scalability
  • Multichain Exchanges & Atomic Swaps
  • Trustless Bridges

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The stress testing of EVM 1.5 will help identify any potential memory issues and block hash discrepancies. Additionally, we will release an update for Teloscan that allows users to view their NFTs and easily access relevant metadata specifications.

Later in 2023, we plan to deliver several significant upgrades and releases enhancing Telos’ capabilities. This will include:

  • The release of Telos EVM 2.0 Super Node, a trustless EVM to native bridge for tokens and contract interaction.
  • Release 1 of EVM and Native indexing solutions.
  • AntelopeIO IBC trustless bridge between Telos, EOS, WAX, and UX Network.
  • Telos Station Release 1, which will include user experience improvements.
  • The release of Native Wallet SDKs for improved wallet integrations.
  • Telos will also upgrade to AntelopeIO Leap 3.2, further enhancing its capabilities and performance.

With these deliverables, our aim is to continue to provide our users with an advanced and user-friendly blockchain experience. Now let’s dive deeper into the exciting details of what’s to come for Telos in 2023!

Core Telos Blockchain Protocol Upgrades

The TCD and Telos Foundation continues to fund and support the Antelope coalition alongside our partner networks to develop the blockchain protocol that we all rely on. In 2022 the coalition contributed over $8m in funding to develop Antelope’s Leap codebase as well as new features like Instant Finality and IBC. In 2023 there will be various game-changing updates coming for the Core Telos Blockchain Protocol:

Antelope Leap 3.2.1 Upgrade

Moving to 3.2.1 brings various bug fixes and enhancements, and most Telos validators have already upgraded to 3.1.


Instant Finality Upgrade

Telos is integrating Instant finality via the Antelope coalition, this upgrade utilizes the HotStuff algorithm to bring instant finality to Telos Native and EVM, meaning transactions can be confirmed as soon as they are included in a block without the need to wait for multiple confirmations. This upgrade will mean absolute transaction finality is reached immediately following the 0.5 seconds it takes to produce a block of transactions, making Telos the only live EVM blockchain to not only produce transactions in under a second but also finalize them. The benefits of instant finality include resilient DeFi immune to reversed transactions/vulnerabilities, faster dApps, new consensus mechanism possibilities, and instant deposits and withdrawals from exchanges. The use cases for instant finality are wide-ranging and include seamless instantaneous POS systems, reducing Inter Blockchain Communication transactions from 3 minutes to 0.5s, financial services, supply chain management, gaming, healthcare, identity verification, IoT, and DeFi.

Trustless IBC — Inter Blockchain Communications (Now Live!)

Trustless IBC enables the transfer of assets such as digital currencies, tokens, and other digital assets between different blockchain networks without the need for a centralized intermediary. Telos moves to unlimited scalability, allowing it to scale horizontally with unlimited new chains and connect to other Antelope partner chains, Cosmos chains, and, in the future, many other technologies. This upgrade is a significant development given the amount of bridge hacks in web3 currently, and Telos will become one of the safest networks to build on and bridge to when using this technology. The use cases for trustless IBC include trustless bridges, multichain DEXes, NFT bridge, cross-chain apps, connect EOS, WAX, UX to TelosEVM, app-specific Telos chains, and side/use case chains.

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Telos EVM Upgrades

Telos EVM is a code-unique version of the Ethereum Virtual Machine that runs on the Telos blockchain network, allowing it to run smart contracts and decentralized applications like those on the Ethereum network. TelosEVM is the most performant version of Ethereum available today, capable of 10,000 transactions per second with 0.5s block times, and has faster transaction processing times, more scalability, lower transaction fees, decentralized governance, and interoperability with Ethereum. Here’s what’s planned for Telos EVM in 2023:

Telos EVM 1.5 upgrade (Testing Live!)

Telos EVM 1.5 includes several key upgrades, such as a rebuilt Teloscan Indexer, a brand-new indexer enabling holder lists, token overviews, and many other missing request types, and the removal of rabbitMQ and Hyperion Indexer to rely solely on Hyperion API. Due to significant changes, Telos will re-index its chain once deployed.

The Telos EVM 1.5 will be undergoing stress-testing to ensure that there are no memory issues during the initial chain sync and to resolve any block hash discrepancies between 1.5 and 2.0. The EVM 2.0 upgrade is the TCD’s top priority for 2023 and will be based on the latest Ethereum RPC technology for maximum compatibility and ease of use for app developers and node operators.

Telos EVM 2.0 upgrade

Telos EVM 2.0 is the ultimate version of Ethereum built on the fastest L1 platform in the world, Telos. By moving to the Silkworm C++ EVM implementation, Telos EVM 2.0 allows developers to interact with TelosEVM via a set of well-defined methods, making it easier for developers to perform tasks such as reading and writing to the blockchain, and interacting with smart contracts. The benefits of Telos EVM 2.0 include easier node installation, full Ethereum compatibility, and compatibility with Akula (Rust) and Erigon (Golang) clients along with Silkworm (C++), making it the fastest EVM node.

The Telos EVM 2.0 will be the final iteration of the two-part rollout and is a top priority for the TCD. It will be based on the latest Ethereum RPC technology and tools and will simplify the process of installing and operating RPC nodes for users.

Telos Cloud

Telos Cloud represents a major leap in usability for Telos via single sign-on using common sign-in methods like Google and Facebook login. Expect more details as we go into 2023!

Trustless Token Bridge

The Trustless token bridge between Telos Native (TLOS) and Telos EVM (EVM) will allow seamless and secure transfer of tokens between the two platforms without the need for a centralized entity or intermediary. This eliminates the risk of central points of failure, hacking, or theft, providing users with a trustless and seamless experience when transferring tokens between Telos Native and Telos EVM. As a result of Telos sTLOS and EVM 1.5 developments, Telos will also be able to offer a native, non-custodial bridge feature.

Teloscan Upgrades


Teloscan is a blockchain explorer for TelosEVM. It provides a user-friendly interface to search, view, and interact with the TelosEVM. With Teloscan, users can view details of transactions, accounts, smart contracts, and blocks on the Telos network. It also provides advanced analytics and visualizations, making it a valuable tool for developers, users, and researchers to understand and analyze the TelosEVM. The 2023 Teloscan updates will allow users to keep track of their Telos NFTs and access relevant metadata specifications with ease.

Telos Explorer (Based on: Open Block Explorer)

Telos Explorer is a powerful blockchain explorer designed specifically for the Telos Native network. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows users to easily view, search, and track a variety of data, including transactions, blocks, and other key information related to Telos Native. The underlying codebase for Telos Explorer is known as Open Block Explorer (OBE), which is open source and available to other blockchains.

Looking ahead, Telos has big plans for Telos Explorer in the coming year. In addition to implementing new token exploration capabilities, the team is focused on making a number of bug fixes and usability improvements that will enhance the overall user experience. With these updates and improvements, Telos Explorer is set to become an even more valuable tool for users looking to explore and engage with the Telos Native blockchain network.


Telos has an ambitious roadmap for 2023 that includes a wide range of exciting developments. Our major focus in 2023 will be improving performance, scalability, and expanding further into a multichain/multi-platform future. The integration of Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) and the release of the Telos EVM 2.0 Super Node will enable Telos to provide a more versatile and user-friendly blockchain network.

The Telos Core Developers (TCD) team is working tirelessly to deliver these upgrades and improvements to provide a better experience for users and developers alike. Telos is positioning itself as a leader in the blockchain world by offering instant finality, trustless IBC, infinite scalability, enhanced security, and governance.

As decentralized finance (DeFi) and cross-chain interoperability become increasingly important, Telos is well-positioned to provide new opportunities for growth and adoption. We invite you to join the multichain revolution with Telos’ boundless scalability, providing a seamless experience for both developers and users. Telos is excited to continue driving innovation and growth in the blockchain ecosystem going into 2023!

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