Partnership Announcement: Telos x Zo World

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2 min readJul 12, 2023

Telos announces its newest partnership with Zo World, the hub for global Web3 meetups and NFT artists.

With Zo World, users can fully immerse themselves in the Web3 lifestyle through exclusive entry into NFT gated communities, priority positioning for web3 events & art drops. Plus, community members also gain access to Zo House and luxury co-living spaces in real life such as NFT-themed suites and dorms, co-working zones and 24/7 chef pods.

The Zo World Founder NFT is only available on secondary purchase on OpenSea and serves as holders’ membership cards to the project’s suite of services.

Telos and Zo World have come together to launch a digital art exhibit that features Augmented reality aspects for digital artwork minted on Telos, with two winners being selected on July 29th.

About Zo World

Zo World is an Internet club, set out to empower cultures and communities by unlocking intangible values through digital assets. Zo World also has Zo Studio, a digital asset powerhouse that helps NFT artists/brands incubate, curate and launch projects while also serving as a communal hub for likeminded creators and Web3 enthusiasts. Prospective members can purchase Zo World Founders NFT through OpenSea to become a part of the ecosystem and begin creating and selling art using NFTs within the engaged, active and growing Zo World community.

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