Partnership Announcement: Telos x OpenOcean

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3 min readAug 11, 2023

Telos announces its newest partnership with Open Ocean, the widest reaching decentralized exchange (DEX) aggregator in Web3. From swaps and gas-free limit orders to its powerful v3 API, OpenOcean is an ‘all-in-one’ crypto-companion every crypto user and platform needs. Through this partnership, Telos will join OpenOcean’s roster of 30+ networks and 300+ sources of liquidity while enabling the project to build on Telos moving forward.

“OpenOcean platform is looking to deploy and build more on Telos in the coming future. The reception so far has been humbling and we will live up to the high standards that are expected from platforms such as ours,” said Guy.P, Head of Ecosystem Development at OpenOcean. “We thank the Telos community for having us and hope to bring its members a fulfilling experience when trading with our aggregator. If you want to trade with value, and especially with speed, safety and security from the Telos network, think OpenOcean.”

OpenOcean believes in a flexible, open and composable blockchain space for everybody, which was a key factor in deciding to collaborate with Telos. The project will offer the Telos community the best trading experience possible on-chain, all within a secure environment. Also huge believers and supporters of carbon-neutral chains, OpenOcean applauds Telos’ efforts to maintain and push our combined responsibility as humans at the infrastructure level.

When will the partnership officially launch?

OpenOcean support for Telos is now live with swap features now open! The partnership will continue to evolve and expand over time.

How will this partnership help Telos grow?

As one of the space’s most influential DEX aggregators, Telos can leverage the power of OpenOcean’s technology and vast community to bolster liquidity for the TLOS token globally. Meanwhile, as the DeFi ecosystem around the world continues to grow, become more efficient and deliver added use cases for decentralized technology and digital-first financial infrastructure, Telos can have an expanded role in that conversation through strategic alignments with leading projects like OpenOcean.

“We’re extremely excited to announce that OpenOcean is now part of the Telos family! Their integration not only enhances our DeFi ecosystem but also adds a new dimension of DeFi composability,” said Nicky Chalabi, DeFi Director at Telos. “This collaboration opens doors to additional trading opportunities available on Telos EVM and reinforces our commitment to fostering a truly interconnected DeFi landscape.”

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is a leading DEX Aggregator, a cross-chain swap aggregator, and Web3 middleware developer in the crypto space, offering a suite of tools across 30+ networks and 300+ deep liquidity sources. OpenOcean is building a one-stop trading platform to bring users the best swap returns for decentralized crypto trading.

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About Telos

As a decentralized, independent and not-for-profit organization, the Telos Foundation spearheads the advancement and governance of the Telos blockchain. Launched in 2018, Telos has an impeccable five-year record of uninterrupted service. With the introduction of the tEVM in 2021 — the fastest Ethereum Virtual Machine — Telos has demonstrated its commitment to cutting-edge technology. Now shifting its focus to becoming a Layer 0 network, Telos places paramount importance on scalability, security, and decentralization. The network’s impressive performance allows for 15,200+ transactions per second, all while maintaining near-feeless operations. Today, the Telos ecosystem boasts more than 100 partners, 250 dApps, 1.2 million accounts, and a rapidly growing community. Telos continues to propel the industry’s transition to Web 3.0 and pave the way for global adoption of decentralized solutions.

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