New TLOS Reward Farms on IceCreamSwap!

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Note: In regards to the recent Multichain News, please note that IceCreamSwap Farms and Bridge remains unaffected.

Unveiling our latest innovation in the DeFi space — the introduction of new Rewards Farms! This fantastic opportunity has been brought to life through our dynamic collaboration with IceCreamSwap.

Understanding Reward Farms

DeFi enthusiasts may be familiar with the concept of ‘Farms’, a prevalent feature in decentralized finance. Essentially, these farms allow users to stake their assets earned from their position in a liquidity pool (LP). In reciprocation, users can earn a share of the fees generated by the pool, serving as a passive income stream. Now, thanks to our partnership with IceCreamSwap, you can easily stake your assets in these Reward Farms, offering an even greater potential for earning rewards.

Our alliance with IceCreamSwap broadens the horizon for rewards that we can provide to our ever-expanding community. By leveraging this partnership, we can pool resources and provide more avenues for users to earn through their staked assets.

The Launch of Reward Farms

Our new Reward Farms are live on IceCreamSwap Now — Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity!

Access Reward Farms Here:

In Conclusion

This latest feature is another step in our mission to offer the utmost value to our community. Through our collaborative efforts with IceCreamSwap, we’re able to bring even more opportunities to the Telos Community. We firmly believe that this feature will be a beneficial addition to your DeFi journey, and we look forward to hearing about your experiences with the new Reward Farms.

About IceCreamSwap

IceCreamSwap is a multi-functional DEX that enables its global user base to trade a variety of tokens across multiple chains quickly, efficiently and safely. Community members are also able to earn rewards in ICE (IceCreamSwap’s native token) for providing liquidity.

By leveraging IceCreamSwap’s four versatile platforms — DEX, DEX Aggregator, bridge and launchpad — users gain access to a variety of different tools that can help them accomplish the majority of their needs across Web3. IceCreamSwap prioritizes transparency and security at all times; it utilizes well-tested and audited Uniswap V2 smart contracts, as well as the ultra-secure ChainBridge codebase for bridge security. The ultimate partner, IceCreamSwap also provides several services to participating projects like staking and multi-chain assistance to help facilitate the growth of the global Web3 ecosystem as a whole.


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