Mission NFT- A Guide To Voting

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The Mission NFT contest has finalized its submissions, and now, the long-awaited public voting is set to begin. In this tutorial, we’ll show you how easy it is to cast your ballots, which in this case are KAI tokens, that act as votes on the TAIKAI voting platform.

How to Get Started
Voting goes live on July 23, 2022, at 4 PM (UTC). A link to a Jury voucher will activate on the TaiKai Mission NFT page. You can redeem the voucher and use it to sign up as a voter. Next, you’ll need to confirm your account through an activation link sent to your email. Once activated, you’re ready to make your picks for the best NFT projects in the contest. Mission NFT projects will be listed on TAIKAI’s challenge page. When clicking each project, you’ll have the opportunity to access important info such as the title, logo, team, and artwork submitted.

Voting with KAI
As a member of our esteemed public jury, you’ll cast your votes through a distribution process of TAIKAI’s social token, KAI. Voting is simple! You’ll start with 100 KAI tokens, and as you scan through the MIssion NFT entries, you can select the projects you favor the most and add them to your cart. Once selected, you can allocate your tokens to the projects you think should make it to the final round. The top ten projects that receive the most KAI will advance to our final judging round.

Distributing Your Kai Tokens
The diagram below illustrates the simple process of distributing your KAI tokens to the projects you love.

The projects page will contain all of the submissions to the Mission NFT contest. Click on your favorite entries and, next, on the “Add to Voting Cart” button. You can then allocate the amount of KAI tokens you want to the most deserving projects and add them to your voting cart. Remember, you can distribute your tokens as you like. That means you can spread them around among various projects or dedicate the majority to a select few. You can even go all-in and give one project the lion’s share!

Once your tokens are distributed, click on your voting cart to confirm the transaction(s) and click “checkout”.

Public Voting Criteria to Consider
Though the public round voting will be more open-ended in project selection, we ask that voters take the following qualities into account when distributing their KAI tokens:

· Artistic merit — the most appealing look (i.e. what looks best).

· Utility — the most useful project (i.e. if the project has any unique use-cases that make it stand out from the rest).

· Community — Look for projects with an active and robust group of supporters.

We wish to thank all of the talented creators that entered their submissions to the Mission NFT contest. We take this moment to thank our incredible for their continued support and participation in the upcoming voting process. The Telos judges look forward to seeing which NFT collections advance to the final round of voting.

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