Introducing Ready Hacker One Judges

The TELOS FOUNDATION is thrilled to introduce an impressive lineup of judges for the Ready Hacker One contest!

The CyberCode Twins! (akaAmerica and Penelope Lopez) — WolfPack, Sheos

The twins have traveled the world competing from Beijing to Barcelona and have received various awards in tech competitions and hackathons, such as the NASA International SpaceApps Challenge, AT&T Developer Summit, NEM Global Challenge, IBM Global Innovators Challenge, Intel’s US-China Maker Competition, Money2020, and they also have showcased VR demos at the White House. In addition to hackathons, one of the CyberCode Twins was selected among the 25 scholars across the nation by MIT Digital Currency Initiative to attend an intensive program on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies at the MIT Media Lab. They continue to be community involved leaders and are currently part of the Intel Software Innovators Program.

Brandon Parker(Happy Money Man), The EOS Podcast

Brandon’s background spans biotech, aviation, investment, & business. He started as the youngest helicopter pilot in the US and became a commercial flight instructor. In the Silicon Valley, he was a Cord Blood Education Specialist with the world’s largest private stem cell bank. Brandon is the blockchain Founder of The EOS Podcast, Happy Money Man Media & Steemit San Francisco. He contributed to the launch of EOS Mainnet as a board member for the Tulip Conference. Brandon owns an NCAA National Championship and a degree in Economics.

Thomas Cox, StrongBlock

As Chief Governance Officer of the consultancy firm, StrongBlock, Thomas leads their work making enterprise and consortium blockchains governable, while maintaining their necessary decentralization. A strong community leader and volunteer, Thomas consistently answers the call to contribute to the EOSIO ecosystem, serving as Interim Director of the EOS Alliance and Formerly the VP of Product with Block.One. Thomas’ skill for coaching and teaching quickly becomes apparent to anyone who has an opportunity to work with him or even hear him speak.

These four judges join the panel previously announced, who are:

James Davis, GoodBlock

James has over 20 years of experience in the game industry as a product manager and art director, leading the creation of games from such brands as The Avengers, Spider-man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Halo, Magic: the Gathering, and Disney. James was a leader in the launch of the Telos blockchain, and is now Director of Product at, He is currently producing Drakos Keep, a mobile-first blockchain game launching exclusively on Telos.

Rami James, Scatter

Since 1999, Rami has worked at a series of startups, including Altec Lansing, Spiral Solutions, and Inkod. His forté is the world of design — with a special interest in the intersection between user-experience and statistical analytics. An eye for detail has helped him earn a reputation as one of the most sought-after veteran designers in Israel.

Nathan James, Scatter

Nathan is the lead architect and founding member of Scatter. Nathan has taken the EOS community by storm and was instrumental in it’s launch. His unique approach to solving real-world problems is part and parcel of his talent for understanding complex systems and leveraging them in the right way. In a sphere where most are just beginning to grasp the possibilities, he is providing tools and solutions.


For those of you just catching up, the Telos Foundation is sponsoring an online hackathon called READY HACKER ONE. The contest is currently IN PROGRESS, and the stakes are high. For those that are just learning about this contest, here is what is on the line:

  • A 250,000 TLOS reward pool, with individual teams eligible to earn up to 40,000 TLOS each.
  • Exposure. All participant’s projects will be presented to our illustrious aforementioned judges and the winning projects will be featured on the TELOS FOUNDATION website.
  • Experience. By competing in Ready Hacker One, developers will gain experience interacting with the EOSIO software. EOSIO is primed to be THE LEADING blockchain software for years to come.


If you or your team want to get in on the fun, it’s not too late! Please register your team HERE.


Developers must use the power of Telos and EOSIO to create a new or enhance a pre-existing game. The game can be simple or complex, the key is how you use blockchain to make gaming engaging and fun.

The free Telos Testnet faucet and a community of friendly developers will be available to assist you along the way. While, using Telos/EOSIO is a must, you are also free to use any technology stack you wish.

Cool stuff you can do with Telos blockchain:

  • Turn weapons and objects into Non Fungible Tokens (NFT’s)
  • Have an in game currency that functions like a real economy and can one day be traded outside the game
  • Use micro-transactions and make it a coin-op / pay to play game
  • Introduce a prize pool using player fees!
  • Add a provably fair scoreboard or game mechanic
  • Introduce staking rewards

Key Requirement and Dates:

  • Must have a working prototype ready to deploy on Telos mainnet by final submission date. (updated for June 30th)
  • April 13 Announcement + Hacker Registration
  • Submissions Close — June 30th
  • Award Announcement — Monday July 8

Judging Criteria:

  • 30% Readiness to deploy on Telos mainnet
  • 15% User Experience
  • 15% Product design/Is it fun?
  • 20% Open Source it, help out other budding EOSIO developers!
  • 20% Go to market strategy /Community Engagement


  • Individual teams are eligible for up to 40,000 TLOS
  • Challenge MVP gets featured for a period of time on the Telos Foundation website

Terms and Conditions:

  • A challenger who has deployed a working product on the Telos testnet is eligible to request and may receive (at The Telos Foundation’s discretion) the necessary network resources to deploy their application. (Staked TLOS remains property of TF)
  • If deploying a pre-existing EOSIO app there must be significant improvements or differentiation made to the mechanics or design during the challenge period using Telos’ capabilities.
  • Dice games are dis-allowed due to commonality
  • If there’s a lack of qualifying submissions, the foundation will carry the remaining prize pool to the next challenge.

Looking for resources? Please join the Telos Dapp Development group at

Developing a game not your cup of tea? Make a suggestion for our next challenge!

More info about the Telos Foundation can be found at

Join the Telos conversation:



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