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  • Yknot Blockchain Solutions

    Yknot Blockchain Solutions

    TAILOR-MADE BLOCKCHAIN SOLUTIONS | We specialize in DeFi | DAO’s | UX/UI | Technical writing | ESG



    EOS Native Decentralized Exchange

  • Diogo Abreu

    Diogo Abreu

    Product Evangelist at Block Bastards.

  • Legends Of Mitra

    Legends Of Mitra

    Mitra is a beautiful and powerful Kingdom with many natural resources. Because of its wealth and riches… bit.ly/3eEumpc bit.ly/3blKo5l

  • Jona Derks

    Jona Derks

    Blockchain Researcher and Entrepreneur| Managing Partner @ Block Bastards | Founder @ AppAgents

  • Sesacash


    Sesacash is the easiest and fastest way to make micro-payments within Africa with ZERO fees.

  • EOS Planet | Decentralized Worlds

    EOS Planet | Decentralized Worlds

    A project aiming to test the boundaries of new generation blockchains. The first of its kind, EOS Planet, is a virtual world, persistent on the blockchain.

  • Goodblock Bp

    Goodblock Bp

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