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3 min readJun 1, 2023


Changing the Game

Telos is excited to announce a revolutionary new collaboration with GameStop that will further establish the two organizations as industry leaders in the world of GameFi and Web3 gaming. The collaboration will enable games compatible with the Telos blockchain to be distributed via GameStop’s new game launcher, GameStop Playr.

An official announcement outlining the full details went live this morning and can be read here.

The Web3 gaming space could welcome over 100 million new users within the next two years alone and this new collaboration will be foundational to Telos’ increased focus and attention on the rapidly-growing gaming industry.

The surface has barely been scratched when it comes to this nascent space. When you compare and contrast the current user bases for some of the world’s most popular traditional games versus their Web3 counterparts, a massive chasm exists between the two. For example, for every Web3 gamer playing Axie Infinity, there are 2,155 gamers playing Roblox, according to a recent report published on CoinGecko.

While traditional gaming reigns supreme today, the technology presented by blockchain and digital assets presents far more versatility and opportunity in terms of what’s possible for game studios and users moving into the future. This is a reality that Telos is set to make the most of through initiatives such as Telos Zero in addition to new strategic collaborations with innovative gaming companies like GameStop.

About Telos GameFi

Above all, defining the projects that “win” in Web3 gaming will come down to technology. Marketing and raising awareness may help projects achieve certain first mover advantages, but if the underpinning technology isn’t robust and capable of handling everything that comes along with the onboarding of tens or hundreds of millions of gamers, people will simply migrate to the networks that can.

Telos is capable of pushing GameFi to the next level. From ironclad security protocols, lightning-fast speeds and an environmentally sound design to its ability to open the door to seamless cross-chain adventures, the Telos blockchain can help facilitate a new, dynamic level of gaming across the Web3 space.

To learn more about how Telos can be a true game changer in Web3 gaming, check out the recent Telos Foundation blog post on this very topic.

Looking Forward

As noted in previous updates including the TEDP4 proposal, the Telos Foundation is focused on positioning Telos as the go-to blockchain in the new, emerging world of Web3 gaming and GameFi. In addition to laying the groundwork for true cross-chain interoperability and versatility through Telos Zero, this new collaboration with GameStop represents an essential step for the project as it begins to build a reputation as one of the world’s very best technical solutions and applications for any company, organization or studio building and creating games in Web3.

Buckle up for the journey that’s ahead. With an increasing focus on GameFi, Telos is poised to play a major role in the new world of Web3 gaming, creating boundless potential for the entire ecosystem while also preparing to welcome millions of new users and gamers from around the world into the community as a result.

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